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Ron Heller — Ulf R. 'Ron' Heller, Attorney at Law
Member Since 2/1/1998
3217 NW 63rd Street, Suite B (Client Entry at 3205 NW 63rd Street)
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
Telephone: 843-4800
Fax: 843-8611
Email: urheller@REMOVEhellernet.net
I have a general civil practice with emphasis on business related law, buying and selling businesses and professional practices (especially dental practice transitions), wills, living trusts, and probate.    I prefer to deal with clients as people, and not just cases.  If a client's problem is outside my area of expertise, I attempt to refer the client to counsel competent in that area.  I have particularly experienced colleagues in the areas of Criminal Law, Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice, General Trial Work, Family Law, Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability.    Legal fees depend on the type of case and the legal work required.  Realizing that satisfied clients are the best advertising, I try to keep my clients informed and always return their calls. E-Mail me for a free information sheet on Living Trusts and how they compare to wills. Note:  I have moved from 50 Penn Place and am renting space from W. Paul Woody, CPA.  My reception is at 3205 NW 63rd.  (Woody and Associates CPAs)